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The New Pharisee In American Cultural Christianity

Political Correctness demands litmus tests of Christ followers. And when he does not receive the desired answers, he accuses followers of being unloving. You see, he does not allow one to go about life without accusations. He will bring a loaded question to trap, demanding a response.

He insists that all sin is to be accepted, cherished, and embraced. If one fails to condone or participate, then he accuses the non-participant as being hateful. He states that one cannot hate the sin and love the sinner simultaneously…he maintains that hating the sin is unloving. He accuses those who reach for godliness on sanctification's road as being false. Godliness is hypocrisy according to Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is indeed an accuser. He tells followers of Christ that they are not to address sin in a brother's life…even in a loving way. To do so would be hypocritical beyond words because everyone is a sinner, no one has a right to be concerned about another's self-destruction…this is the philosophy of Political Correctness. He states that it is in fashion to offend Holy God, but at the same time he conveys that offending the heart of man is a crime.

Political Correctness desires that Christ-followers submit and live like the world. Non-submission is foolish and naive as defined by Political Correctness. He persuades converts to keep their faith a secret. Faith in Christ is not to be shared according to Political Correctness. To share would mean ruin.

Political Correctness demands to be served. He will persecute those who do not fall in line with the majority. Political Correctness is an authoritarian. He is the new Pharisee in American Cultural Christianity.

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