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COVID-19: A Pandemic Highlights Culture's Double-Mindedness

In our fallen world, crisis often brings moral confusion to center stage. As alarm bells ring during the COVID-19 predicament, a universal call to proclaim the value of human life is echoing around the globe. Heads of state and municipalities are quick to show compassion for life as they “wage a war against death.” But unfortunately, human nature is forever inclined to contradict itself.

On March 24, 2020, while addressing the COVID-19 crisis, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York stated, “My mother is not expendable, and your mother is not expendable, and our brothers and sisters are not expendable, and we’re not going to accept a premise that human life is disposable, and we’re not gonna put a dollar figure on human life.” The proactive governor is certainly correct in his assessment of human life. It is special, and we cannot place a value on it.

However, the tragic irony of Governor Cuomo’s statement is reflected in a 2019 law that he pushed his state’s legislature to pass. New York’s Reproductive Health Act (RHA) was memorialized with the lighting of NYC’s One World Trade Center by Governor Cuomo’s order. The first of its kind in the United States, the law allows abortions up to birth.

On Good Friday, April 10, 2020 Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia signed his state's Reproductive Health Protection Act into law. In doing so, he rolled back restrictions on abortion facilities. The law eliminated an ultrasound requirement and a 24-hour waiting period. Just a few days before signing this new law, Governor Northam issued a shelter in place order to protect the lives of Virginians against COVID-19. Virginia and New York's hypocrisy on life is reflective of a national and worldwide epidemic.

Abortion is just one example of unregenerate man’s double-mindedness. Those without a relationship with Christ engage in vast moral and ethical contradictions. Nonetheless, the callousness of invading a mother’s womb to destroy a child on the satanic sacrifice altar is unparalleled. As statistics indicate, a clear majority of abortions are engaged for convenience. The unplanned or unwanted child interferes with the parents’ dreams or livelihood. Beyond convenience killings, many justify aborting babies with defects such as down syndrome. It seems that a price can indeed be placed on human life in our society.

In America, individual liberties are demanded, but these "entitlements" are not for everyone. For the unborn child who cannot speak, his or her potential is discounted and doesn't produce an afterthought. As such, there will be no alarm bells sounding for the nearly 1 million unborn Americans who will be aborted this year.


James 4:8

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

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